Vidéo Hytale OST - A New Adventure

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Vidéo Hytale OST - A New Adventure
le 22 Mars 2019 à 19:52
Publié par LordThom
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Check out this new piece from the Hytale Official Soundtrack. 'A New Adventure' accompanies your first forays into the world of Orbis!

Hytale combines the scope of a sandbox with the depth of a roleplaying game, immersing players in a procedurally generated world where teetering towers and deep dungeons promise rich rewards throughout their adventures. Hytale supports everything from block-by-block construction to scripting and minigame creation, delivered using easy to use and powerful tools.

Hytale Official Soundtrack
“A New Adventure”
Music Composed by: Oscar Garvin
© 2019 Hypixel Studios, Inc. All rights reserved.

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